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    The grinding gears of the vault door echo through the cavern and four figures step out from the growing light into the rocky hallway that leads to the surface. The first figure, a tall woman standing about 1.83 meters in height leads the group wearing a blue and yellow jumpsuit with a name tag reading "Overseer". She is followed by a smaller man in a similar jumpsuit, only his bares a tag that reads "Utility". His hands are bound by zip ties behind his back, and he is being led by two figures as tall as the first at gun point. They are both in an outfit resembling riot gear but without the shield, their tags both reading "Guard".

    Not turning toward the captive The Overseer speaks with a voice of authority that borders on annoyance and boredom, "You have compromised the safety of others for the last time, I do not care what excuses you have, the only choice you leave me is to banish you from this life we live into the savage wastes. Your name will be stricken from our records and in time the people of this vault will forget you exist." She nods her head toward one of the guards and the bonds on the captives wrists are cut free. As he begins to speak in his defense he is cut off by the woman. "If I even hear you clear your throat, I will have you gunned down where you stand." The guards raise their weapons in unison, one aiming high, the other aiming low. Disheartened and defeated, the captive shrugs his shoulders and exits the cavern into the light of the wastes.

    The unfamiliarity of the natural light from outside blinds him for several seconds as he uses his other senses to familiarize himself with this new world he has stepped into. The air is fresh, much different than the filtered air of the vault, the rocky terrain under his feet cause him to readjust his balance from being so used to always walking on the flat surface of the vault floors. As his eyes become adjusted to the light he looks out at the horizon, and suddenly, as if not feeling small enough, feels much smaller. However the marvel of the scenery quickly disappears as he looks straight ahead at a creature running dead at him carrying a large piece of wood. The next few seconds seem to happen in slow motion, like a bad trip. Unnaturally green in skin color this thing barreling down on him has no hair to speak of and no lips, it's a towering mountain of muscle and visible veins as it closes the distance with an uncanny speed for its size.

    With psychotic menace it yells with a deep grainy voice that chills him right to the bone, "FOUND YOU!!", as it brings the piece of wood across the face of the hapless exile, sending him reeling into the door behind him. The impact of body against wood as he bounces off causes some of the rocks to dislodge and block the entrance to the vault cave. Luckily he bounces far enough away that the rocks do not land on him. The creature, laughing with satisfaction at its victory, turns and walks off down the path into the distance thinking its victim dead. As the exile begins to black out from the unfamiliar trauma to his body, he can just barely make out the creature pivoting to face him once again and charging towards him for a second assault. Unable to do anything in his current state, he closes his eyes as oblivion takes him to rest.
This is the first part of the story to FO3: Guardian Angel, once again I'm still getting used to writing regularly, so constructive criticism is welcomed, as time goes on the stories may get edited and re-edited for content
darrenbarlow Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It needs some editing, but overall I like it. :)
WastelandRoamer Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
what kind of editing, any input is welcomed
darrenbarlow Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
A bit of grammatical work and some punctuation that is either missing or misused. :)
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